Hemptouch After Sun Elixir For Sun-Tired Skin 100ml

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A precious combination of hemp seed oil, St. John’s wort and lemongrass oil for relaxed and soothed skin after a day in the sun or daily.
The Elixir soothes and protects irritated, reddened and sensitive skin that has lost moisture, elasticity and softness after exposure to the sun.

Key ingredients:

  • Hemp seed oil replenishes the skin and restores the skin’s elasticity leaving it soft, supple and smooth.
  • St John's wort and marigold extracts regenerate and soothe sun-stressed skin.
  • Lemongrass oil refreshes and invigorates the skin while providing natural protection against mosquitoes.

          The Elixir’s natural formula is enriched with a beneficial combination of the noble hemp oil, grape seed oil, the extract of St. John's wort and marigold, and fresh lemongrass aroma.

          It is designed with the needs of the sensitive skin in mind, helping it maintain its flexibility, reliability and softness during prolonged exposure to the sun. The ideal ratio of omega-fatty acids supports natural skin renewal and enhances its self-protective role. The synergy of St. John's wort and marigold extracts calms and supports the regeneration process. Lemongrass oil refreshes and delicately perfumes the skin while offering natural protection against mosquitoes.

          The combined power of the best natural extracts soothes and renews; together they improve the flexibility and elasticity of the skin and keep your summer tan going for a long time.

          The purity of the formulation
          The purest formulation of unique natural oils and extracts reduces the possibility of skin irritation and the appearance of adverse reactions. It is specially designed for dehydrated and sensitive skin that can only be satisfied with the best natural ingredients. The Elixir has no added fragrances, alcohol, parabens or other skin-irritating ingredients.

          Certified with the Aromacert certificate.


          This product is all-natural, so minor differences in colour and consistency between batches can occur.

          Cold pressed hemp oil, extracts of St John's wort and marigold, lemongrass oil.
          This product is Pregnancy-safe.

          Suggested use

          Gently massage into cleansed skin. For the best effect, massage the oil into your skin immediately after a shower or a bath, when the pores are open and ready to receive all the nourishing ingredients. The Elixir contains St. John's wort oil, so avoid strong sunshine after application.

          The Elixir can also be used for daily care of dry skin. Apply it after a shower or bath; the silky soft texture of the oil is rapidly absorbed, replenishing the dry, sensitive skin with flexibility and softness.

          Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature.
          IMPORTANT: The product does not contain UV protection.

          Suitable for:

          The Elixir’s rich formula refreshes and revitalizes sensitive skin after sunbathing and helps maintain a natural tan. The formula with the best natural ingredients calms and protects irritated, reddish and sensitive skin that has lost its moisture, flexibility and softness. It balances, feeds and refreshes the skin.


          cannabis sativa seed oil, helianthus annuus seed oil, vitis vinifera seed oil, olea europaea fruit oil, hypericum perforatum extract, calendula officinalis extract, tocopherol, cymbopogon flexuosus oil, isoamyl laurate, bisabolol, citral*, citronellol*, limonene*, geraniol*, isoeugenol*, linalool*
          *naturally occurring in essential oils

          Suitable for

          • sensitive skin

          • 100ml
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