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Non-toxic shampoos for all hair types.

If you are determined to give up harmful hair chemistry in your hair care, then you are in the right place. At Pure'n'Well we offer a wide range of natural and organic shampoos, the composition of which is gentle on your scalp and hair. Our range of shampoos will suit almost all types of hair and problems related to the scalp.

Non-toxic shampoos must contain only mild and gentle cleaning preservatives, such as fermented extracts. They also contain other components such as oils, plant extracts, ingredients that help emulsify and adjust pH and essential oils that replace synthetic fragrances.
People with sensitive skin can also react sensitively to some types of non-toxic shampoos, because some plant components can cause them irritation. Here, in general, we can recommend reaching for shampoos suitable for sensitive skin, which are e.g. i+m shampoo for sensitive skin or Hemptouch Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo. You may have to try several non-toxic shampoos before you find the one that suits your needs the best and has the optimal pH.

pH - healthy skin and hair depend on the correct pH balance, which ensures their health and beauty. The pH of the skin is optimally in the slightly acidic range - i.e. 5.5. For hair, the optimal pH is slightly more acidic - depending on the type of hair, the values ranging from 4.7.

  • Non-Toxic Mission: Ensuring the purity and safety of products.
  • Variety of Products: A wide range of shampoos.
  • Special Concerns: Catering to unique hair and scalp care needs.
  • COSMOS Organic, NATRUE, Aromacert & Vegan: Certified quality and purity.
  • Free Shipping and Secure Payment: Hassle-free shopping experience.

Our Shampoo collection represents a transparent place where we offer only selected natural cosmetics made from real ingredients and above all without dangerous substances. We invite you to explore our range and experience the difference of non-toxic living. Shop now at Pure'n'Well!