About us

We believe in flawless products that are Pure for the environment and Well for you.

Who are we?

Pure'n'Well represents a transparent place where we offer you only selected natural cosmetics and cleaners made from real ingredients and above all without dangerous substances.

 We strictly filter only pure products without compromises. We are not only green or natural —we are non-toxic.

Our ways of working

Safe ingredients list is the basis for us.

Everyone wants the best for their family and close friends, but it is difficult to navigate the huge offer on the market and recognize the quality. We want the best for everyone! That's why we joined forces with real experts and selected products for you that do not contain potentially harmful and risky substances.

We live in accordance with our mission

We believe that our mission contributes to making the world a better place to live. With every step we fulfill our vision, through social networks and our blog we share with you the proven principles of a healthy household and we follow them ourselves.

We choose mainly European manufacturers

We are not a global store. When choosing products for our store, we first search in local markets. We believe that we have a lot of great manufacturers here who share the same vision and deserve to be supported. We would also like to support the local economy.

We act consciously and respectfully

What benefits our body also benefits the heart of our planet. We all form one whole and are an indivisible part of nature and its cycle. And our natural products too. They come from the wealth of nature and are always kind to us and the entire planet.

ways of working

Product selection process

How does our selection process work?

When choosing the product for our e-shop, it is not enough that the product is natural, or even that it has a certificate, because even such products can unfortunately contain a lot of unwanted and unnecessary chemicals.

We are not just another store with natural cosmetics. We go even further, we are non-toxic. We cooperate with experts from a specialized non-profit organization, read the ingredients for you based on the precautionary approach, so you can rely on our selection.

For more information, you can read our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why the non-toxic approach?

Because safe composition is the basis. Everyone wants the best for their family, but it's hard to navigate the plethora of offers and recognize the quality. We do not compromise and want the best for everyone! That's why we joined forces with real experts and selected products by precautionary approach that do not contain potentially harmful and risky substances.

Our mission

Offer high quality clean label products that help to improve lives and the environment. 

Our vision

To educate society and bring different points of view on the industry and healthy lifestyle and by doing that pioneer the change so that all manufacturers and consumers would consider this as a new norm.