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Natural Perfume

Natural perfumes with a care action on the body and the mind.

Scents evoke emotions that are connected to memories, places, and people. Find the scent from our range of natural perfumes that will impress you. All of them are selected in accordance with our non-toxic mission.

No Synthetic Fragrances: Exposure to (synthetic) fragrances is associated with a range of health problems: skin, respiratory, neurological and systemic pathologies are the most commonly cited. Fragrances are consistently presented as the first (or second) most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis. They aggravate eczema and asthma, and can cause migraines. Most fragrances belong to at least one of three groups: phthalates, synthetic musks and/or sensitizers (substances that can cause hypersensitivity on contact). Read more in our blog.

Only Natural Ingredients: all perfumes that you can buy in our shop contain only natural ingredients, without dangerous substances.

Variety of Products: Each perfume has a unique action thanks to its specific composition, a unique trail that reveals a character and a personality. Try e.g. Aimée de Mars Eau de parfum ACQUA DI ORTA for man and Aimée de Mars Goddess Eau de parfum DIVINE ISIS for woman.

Free Shipping and Secure Payment: Enjoy free shipping on orders over €49 and secure payment options. We are not only green or natural — we are non-toxic.

  • Non-Toxic Mission: Ensuring the purity and safety of products.
  • No Synthetic Fragrances: we absolutely avoid phthalates, synthetic musk and/or sensitizers
  • Only Natural Ingredients: without dangerous substances
  • Variety of Products: A wide range of natural perfumes
  • Free Shipping and Secure Payment: Hassle-free shopping experience.

We invite you to explore our range and experience the difference of non-toxic living. Shop now at Pure'n'Well!