Our Brands

On this page you will find an overview of all the brands that are currently in our online shop. Brands such as i+m Naturkosmetik, Aimée de Mars, Sonett, etc. have incredible stories behind them that have led them to produce quality products that are in line with our non-toxic mission, among others. Thanks to them, we can select for you quality "clean label" products that are suitable for people with all kinds of skin problems, but also for people who profess the precautionary principle.


How does our selection process of brands work?

When choosing the product for our e-shop, it is not enough that the product is natural, or even that it has a certificate, because even such products can unfortunately contain a lot of unwanted and unnecessary chemicals.

We are not just another store with natural cosmetics. We go even further, we are non-toxic. We cooperate with experts from a specialized non-profit organization, read the ingredients for you based on the precautionary approach, so you can rely on our selection.

For more information, you can read our answers to the most frequently asked questions.