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Face Serum, Balm & Oil

Face Serum, balm and Oil in natural cosmetics

Face Serum and Oils in natural cosmetics are extremely popular, because they are made on a pure natural base, without the use of dyes, artificial or preservatives, and thanks to this they are gentle on your skin.

Benefits: Cold-pressed oils retain all vitamins and minerals, so you can be sure that only high-quality nutrients are absorbed into the skin. Oils ensure a fresh look to your skin and leave a feeling of softness. The thin protective layer that forms after application to the skin effectively reflects the harmful effects of the environment.

How to use: Make sure that the oils are always applied to damp skin, because they do not have the ability to moisturize by themselves, even when applied to dry skin, they can dry it out. Properly selected face serum or oil for your skin type does not leave a greasy feeling.

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