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The best way to keep the immunity strong is prevention and holistic approach to health. Good sleep, healthy and balanced diet, exercise, work-life balance, positive mindset, relaxation in nature, finding one's purpose and avoiding toxic products and ingredients whenever possible.

Many of us have already started to look at what we buy and eat and read the label with ingredients when grocery shopping. The same should hold for the household and personal care as these are the categories that interact with our bodies the most, just after the food. That is why all cosmetics and drug products must undergo the clinic testing in laboratories and certification. However, there are many unhealthy food products being legally sold. And same holds for the personal care and household care products. Some of them would even deserve to have the same warning picture as cigarettes do.

People start to get interested in this topic for several reasons: autoimmunity problems, skin irritations, eczemas, allergies, but also when they are preparing to have a baby, or as prevention. It is not only the food, supplements, cosmetics, detergents, diapers, but also materials of toys, food containers, cookware, candles, and many more. And how surprising it can be, when going deep into the topic, that the eco and green products many brands sell, are not really ecological, nor natural, but above all far from non-toxic.

We spend a large part of our life energy on security and certainty, simply making a living. Every second of our life is precious. It makes sense for us to exchange this precious energy for valuable raw materials and products. Ones that are not made from a combination of cheap, synthetic and body-worthless substances in a laboratory. We choose products that come mostly from nature and that are full of living active substances created to take care of us. Everyone knows that money cannot buy health. But what we can buy are foods and products that support our health instead of endangering us.

The precautionary principle is our answer. 

More and more often we come across studies regarding the negative impact of many commonly used synthetic substances. Some of them act as allergens or endocrine disruptors and can negatively affect our reproductive and immune systems.

A chemical substance placed on the market is automatically considered safe until proven otherwise. In reality, there is a situation where, after some time, an initially safe substance is evaluated as dangerous. But this does not mean that it is immediately withdrawn from circulation. Due to the bridging period and commercial rights, confirmed harmful substances appear in the composition, sometimes for many years. So if there is an alternative to eliminate potentially harmful substances or replace them with a safer option, it is the least we can do as part of prevention for the health of us and our children.

To help you navigate, we in Pure'n'Well offer products that are carefully chosen to be Pure for you and Well for the planet in accordance with our mission.

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January 01, 2023