"How is it possible that some commonly used chemicals could harm us? There are regulations. laws, norms and responsible governing bodies that control and approve all products that reach the market."

Yes, these regulatory mechanisms do exist. However, they work only with the current level of knowledge. Did you know that at the time a chemical substance is introduced to the market, it is treated with presumption of innocence unless proved opposite, so considered safe automatically? Thus it happens that after some time, originally safe substance is re-evaluated as risky for our health, as a hormonal distruptor or alergen. But not even then is the substance immediately withdrown from circulation. It remains being used. Due to bridging period and commercial laws the harmful substances continue appearing in ingredience lists, sometimes for multiple years. 

Legislation is not united around the world. For example, in the USA it is completely forbidden to use only 11 substances forpersonal care products. In the contrary, in EU it is currently more than 1.300 and for other 250 compounds EU limited their use for personal care products.

The "chemical universe" is very dynamic and ordinary consumer has thus no chance to get oriented in this topic easily. Our mission is to offer high quality clear label products that help to improve the lives and environment. And only this kind of products you can find on our shop. For this we joined forces with "World non toxic" (@svetnontoxic), a non profit organization that has been educating about the topic for several years. 

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Team Pure'n'Well

December 25, 2022