When it does not exist, I will need to make it myself

The founder of the company is Inge Stamm, one of the most experienced developers of German natural cosmetics. i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN is one of the most traditional and politically committed natural cosmetics brands in Germany – and has been since 1978!  

Inge worked as a midwife in the 70's and soon she noticed that the skin of babies reacts to conventional care products with different kinds of irritations. As there were no natural alternatives easily available, Inge as trained druggist, midwife and naturopath decided to develop and produce her own alternative products for skin care based on natural vegetable raw materials.

“As a certified chemist, I knew my way around botanical extracts and I knew how to make a smooth cream. I learned about herbs and medicinal plants in my work as a naturopathic practitioner; and as a midwife, I observed how newborn babies increasingly began to react to the standard care products we were using. A cream that met my expectations was nowhere to be found on the market. This is why, 35 years ago, I began developing a new range of cosmetics without preservatives, mineral oils or synthetic ingredients.”

Inge Stamm

i+m product portfolio

A true Pioneer

In 1978 the term “organic” or “non-toxic” was not yet established and an ecologically sustainable lifestyle was rather the exception. So for Inge Stamm it was a real challenge to search for natural, ecologically grown raw materials.

She can be considered an ecological pioneer as she decided to completely dispense with unnecessary outer packaging such as cardboard boxes for ecological reasons. The same applies to the intention to use exclusively animal-free raw materials and to completely dispense with artificial preservatives.

From 2000, Inge Stamm decided to produce only vegan natural cosmetics and said goodbye to beeswax and honey in their compositions, the only animal ingredients in her products. This makes i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN one of the pioneers in the vegan movement!

Try top i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN products yourself!

1. Shower Gel and Shampoo for Sensitive Skin 250ml

i+m Freistil Sensitive Shower Gel and Shampoo is completely free from synthetic scents, pigments, preservatives, ethoxylated surfactants and emulsifiers (PEG), silicones, parabens, paraffins, or animal ingredients, the rich Freistil Sensitiv Shower Gel and Shampoo is suitable for baby’s skin. The sulphate-free shower gel and shampoo is particularly gentle on both people and the environment. Its extra-sensitive sulphate-free formula not only prevents skin irritation, but also reduces waste water pollution. Mildly cleansing sugar surfactants are gentle on skin, hair and the environment during the daily shower ritual – for a relaxed body feeling and shiny hair.

i+m Freistil Sensitive

2. i+m Freistil Sensitiv Cleansing Milk for Sensitive Skin 150ml

i+m Freistil Sensitiv Cleansing Milk gently cleanses sensitive and allergy-prone facial skin and is free from essential oils and surfactants. Its mildly cleansing formula contains carefully selected fair trade organic skin care oils. It provides pure cleanliness and soothingly gentle, plant-based lipid replenishment, ideal for everyday facial cleansing of sensitive skin.

Thanks to its light, gently creamy emulsion, the sensitive cleansing milk removes deposits particularly gently. It does not contain any potentially drying surfactants. Instead, natural lipids gently dissolve even the finest deposits as well as make-up. Fine vanilla extract helps soothe irritations. It also gives the cleansing milk a subtle vanilla scent without stressing the skin. 

3. i+m Nourishing Cream for Demanding Skin 30ml

Delightfully moisturising, the Nourishing Cream prevents signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles caused by dryness – and leaves the skin intensively nurtured at the same time. The i+m Nourishing Cream for demanding skin builds a multifaceted anti-pollution protection against negative environmental influences. Its plant-based lipid mixture of ceramide precursors and fair-trade cold-pressed organic oils strengthen and repair the skin’s natural barrier. The rich face cream with its warm fragrance and fruity-floral note also improves the smoothness of wrinkles caused by skin ageing by giving it an extra moisturising boost.

4. Something for men: i+m Wild Life for Men Beard Oil for Every Skintype 30ml

The fast-absorbing composition of fairly traded organic care oils regenerates the beard hair, prevents skin irritations and flatters both skin and hair with a fresh, subtle touch. The modern man of the world only goes out with a well-groomed facial hairdo and beard oil. The i+m Wild Life for Men Beard Oil gives all beards supple combability and a silky shine. 

i+m Wild Life for Men

It’s not just people with beards who get a smooth appearance thanks to i+m Wild Life for Men Beard Oil. Once applied to the face, hairless facial skin also benefits from the high-quality, rich care oils made from apricot, cedar nut and sesame. Antioxidant vitamin E has a cell-protecting effect. At the same time, vegetable squalane from pure organic olive oil provides valuable, skin-like lipids for gently moisturising face and beard care.

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