Have you read a lot about the negative effects of synthetic perfume and you decided to start using a natural one? Congratulations on this step! We understand it might be difficult to find a new natural perfume that would replace your favourite commercial one after you have been using it for years. Let’s be honest - perfumes play a role in expressing our personality and mood. In this blog, we will guide you on your way of choosing your new favourite (natural) perfume!

Olfactory families: the essence of truth

Not everyone is a master perfumer. Even though we have a hollow nose, it is difficult to find our way among the fragrant and heady essences that perfumeries use. However, it is possible to distinguish between scents to guide your choice based on olfactory families. Between the acidity of citrus fruits, the freshness of floral waters or the sweetness of fruity fragrances, my heart swings… Each family corresponds to a personality trait that takes precedence over your inner self. Focus on these olfactory families.

The perfumes we will introduce below are not only natural, but natural perfumes with a care action on the body and the mind. At the heart of each Aimée de Mars L’Aromaparfumerie® is the elixir of happiness and love: 21 vibrant essential oils associated with the harmonizing Celtic spring water of Aimée. Each perfume has a unique action thanks to its specific composition, a unique trail that reveals a character, a personality and releases our emotions.

Choose your new natural perfume

Light and sparkling: I rely on citrus scents

citrus scents

Awaken your senses thanks to the tangy scents that cultivate lemon peel, grapefruit or even bergamot. In this family which smells of citrus fruits, we distinguish floral chypre citrus with floral heart notes such as jasmine, honeysuckle or lily of the valley, and rather woody base notes; aromatic citrus fruits with lavender, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, and even mint and woody citrus fruits with a more present woody or powdery base note, with sandalwood, oak, patchouli or mimosa. 

Your match is Divine Émeraude. Opinion for dynamic and joyful temperaments, we have found the perfume that will be one for your personality. Divine Emeraude is an ode to nature awakening in a subtle blend of bergamot, orange blossom and cedar. This fresh fragrance that corresponds to the 3rd chakra helps to anchor you in the world and in space thanks to your energy. A perfume that reveals the natural aura of women. 

Elegant and assertive: I adopt oriental perfumes

oriental perfumes

Originally, the oriental perfume is composed of a certain number of ingredients: patchouli, oak moss, cistus labdanum, a touch of bergamot to which more fruity and aromatic scents have been added in order to 'be more accessible’. These particularly elegant and unique fragrances are aimed at assertive temperaments. To all those who are not afraid to embrace their femininity and sensuality, chypre perfumes are made for you.

Mystique Amethyste is something for you! In every woman there is a part of mystery… The Aimée de Mars house dedicates to them a perfume of connection and wisdom in which Myrrh and Frankincense accompany Patchouli and Vanilla. Mystique Amethyst is a vibrant natural perfume with essential oils and harmonizing spring water from Aimée. Inspired by the 7th chakra, this fragrance is a bridge between the universe and the world beyond to unify and harmonize our spiritual sphere. A meditative perfume to test.

Sensitive and feminine: I love floral perfume

floral perfume

Star of fragrances, flowers are undoubtedly the star ingredient of floral perfumes. These perfumes come in two main families: soliflores, which have only one floral note, and floral bouquets, which harmonize several. To benefit as much as possible from its scents and so that they do not evaporate after a few minutes, they are often integrated as a heart note, with sandalwood as a base note to make them last. Among these exceptional perfumes which reconnect with flowering gardens, we find a soft and fresh floral base such as the rose-violet duo but also lily of the valley, jasmine and tuberose. Since in every woman sleeps a pretty flower, this type of fragrance will perfectly find its place in your ritual. A timeless classic.

The one and only Belle Rose is our answer. Welcome to Aimée de Mars' rose garden. Attention lovers of the queen of the garden, this perfume cultivates the most beautiful flower in the world. This fragrance dedicated to dreamy and creative minds endowed with great sensitivity and powerful intuition opens and soothes hearts to reconnect them to their emotions.

Natural and grounded: I match woody scents

woody scents

One might believe that this family is aimed at men. Nay! Women too should give in to these fragrances of character, raw and elegant. Woody notes are often used in all perfumes, as a base note to structure the perfume. But in woody perfumes, it is highlighted to dominate the olfactory whole. Wood then becomes more than ever the centerpiece of the perfume and gives it a strong and powerful power. Cedar, patchouli or sandalwood rub shoulders with aromas in explosive and warm fragrances. If woody perfumes are not suitable for all women, they are perfect for those who want to stand out. They bring a romantic touch, while remaining sophisticated.

The right choice for you is Bois 21. Feminine and androgynous? We have found the ideal perfume for you to embrace the part of masculinity that lies dormant within us. The woody notes of Bois 21 exult in its captivating power and bring us a little closer to our earthly roots. Inspired by the 1st chakra, this fragrance brings security and inner harmony to focus on the essentials. Head to forest land with this exceptional perfume. We recommend this perfume for men or as unisex.

Mischievous and greedy: I ​​dare sweet perfumes

sweet perfumes

Sweet fragrance, dear perfume of my childhood... Sweet perfumes will travel us back in time and take us back to precious memories. These gourmet fragrances remind us of school trips and tempting pastries like Proust's Madeleine. Among the essential scents, vanilla, caramel, cocoa and even praline take the lead and rub shoulders with fruity notes like cherry, raspberry or apple. Mixed together or not, these notes, which awaken our senses, are a delicious treat to consume without moderation. There is no age to wear perfume with these fragrances which will perfectly reveal your mischievous and sparkling character.

Do you resonate with it? Opt for Belle Aphrodite. In a nostalgic mood, Belle Aphrodite invites us to travel back in time thanks to a gourmet and floral fragrance. Like a true bath of youth, this fragrance with essential oils, Aimée's harmonizing spring water, frozen raspberry and vanilla takes us back to our childhood without moderation.

Fresh and dynamic: I opt for aromatic perfumes. 

aromatic perfumes

Sage, thyme, rosemary or basil, the aromatic notes tickle our nostrils with tonic, vegetal and anise nuances. With aromatic heart notes composed of lemon, menthol, anise and slightly camphor and more spicy base notes, these essences can surprise and titillate your sense of smell. These captivating and natural fragrances infuse sensuality into your ritual. They are particularly recommended for dynamic women and working girls who would like to clear their minds at home. Adopting aromatic perfumes means exiling yourself to summer time in all circumstances. What else?

Try Eau 21. This fragrance with notes of basil, mint and bergamot is a pure vegetal bouquet that exults in its aromatic power. Inspired by the 5th chakra, its 100% natural formulation allows you to express yourself freely, free your inner self and maintain sincere communication. Singular and daring, it is undoubtedly the ideal perfume to refocus on yourself and on the world around you. We recommend it as a natural perfume for men or as unisex.

Give it a try!

We truly believe that with Aimée de Mars you will find your new favourite natural perfume! These are sophisticated blends of scents that really uplift your mood and energy level.  Who would say they are fully non-toxic?! In Pure’n’Well we have multiple favourites. But as with everything new, sometimes it might not work at the first attempt! Do not give up and search for unique perfume that suits your personality and let us know which one it is.

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September 17, 2023